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Period And SymptomTracker

Period changes and menopausal symptoms can begin as early as 10 years before your final menstrual period. In general, there is no blood test or hormonal level that is required to diagnose peri-menopause or menopause if you are above age 45. One of the best ways to discuss your symptoms with your health care provider is by tracking symptoms. 


As reported by the Menopause Foundation of Canada Landmark Report from 2022, there are over 30 symptoms associated with menopause. Understanding and tracking your own menopause journey will enable you to have a more robust appointment


Please use this attached FREE symptom tracker that you can download and print to track your periods and symptoms. Tracking for a minimum of three months will help you determine any pattern with your symptoms.


At Milestone, if completed, we complete a comprehensive assessment and review of your period tracker and symptom tracker during your consultation. 

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