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Starting The Conversation With Your Patient

Consider using the Menopause Quick 6 (MQ6) menopause assessment tool to address the most common symptoms that your patient may present with and those for which there are evidence-based menopause-specific treatment options. 


The MQ6 tool was developed by Dr Susan Goldstein - a Canadian family physician to address important gaps in mature women's care. This tool was published in 2017 in the journal Canadian Family Physician and can be easily administered by health care professionals during clinical encounters to facilitate a discussion and to assess your patient's menopausal concerns and need for treatment. 


The key questions to ask include:

1. Any changes in your periods?

2. Are you having any hot flushes?

3. Any vaginal dryness or pain or sexual concerns?

4. Any bladder issues or incontinence?

5. How is your sleep?

6. How is your mood? 


A fillable form can be found here.

Tailor Your Patients Treatment Plan

The MQ6 treatment algorithm is a decision tool that allows the health care provider to develop a personalized menopausal treatment plan based on the responses from the MQ6 answers.


The interactive algorithm can be found here.

If you would like to refer your patient for a comprehensive menopause assessment, please kindly download and complete the referral form with your patient. The referral form can be found here


Please attach all lab and diagnostic investigations as listed on the referral form. 


The referral can be faxed to 403-538-6586.

* Please note: Dr Premji is also accepting eConsultations through Alethea Medical, a highly efficient way to get treatment and management advice for your patients. Clinical questions and eConsultations requests can be sent through the platform. Use of the platform is free, and the sign up process takes 2 minutes. Please visit for more information *

Referrals To Milestone

Tools And Resources for Physicians





Here is a comprehensive list of resources to support your clinical practice:



October 2021 - SOGC/CMS Canadian Menopause Clinical Practice Guideline


SOGC Online Course - Pause for Menopause

International Menopause Society - IMPART Course



Canadian Menopause Society - Menopause Pocket Guide 2023


Menopause Quick 6 MQ6 Tool and Interactive Algorithm


May 2023 CMAJ - A pragmatic approach to the management of menopause 

2023 Climacteric - The 2023 Practitioner’s Toolkit for Managing Menopause


2024 International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics - Counseling in menopausal women: How to address the benefits and risks of menopause hormone therapy: A FIGO position paper 

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